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We want to help YOUR business GROW
Your life will be easier and your business more profitable when you hire an experienced bookkeeper .... here's why!

You'll have more time to ...

... focus on sales, marketing, customer service, and customer retention, thus increasing your new and recurring income!

You'll have peace of mind ...

... knowing that you can call us with any question, comment or concern that affects your business or personal situation and we'll be there to help!

You'll be able to plan ...

... whether it's for taxes or for other life investments, you'll always know where you stand with monthly financials and tax planning experts at your fingertips!

Meet Brita

Brita Scott
Brita Scott
CEO - Brita's Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
Hi! I am Brita Scott, owner of Brita's Bookkeeping and Payroll Services. As a business owner I know the importance of time and using your resources wisely. This is what Brita's Bookkeeping was created for, to help you utilize your time more efficiently by providing financial clarity and allowing you the freedom to do the things you truly want to spend your time on. I am an experienced bookkeeper, and have an uncompromising commitment to integrity and am passionate about building long lasting relationships. I absolutely love the challenge that comes from cleaning up and organizing financials for small businesses.

Personally, I am the wife of a passionate outdoorsman and the mother of 2 amazing children. I love to travel and do so as often as I can. My dream would be to live in every country for at least 6 months to truly experience different cultures and languages. I also enjoy spending time in the mountains hiking and camping with family and friends.

Powerful & Cost Effective Bookkeeping


Our purpose is to simplify your life while empowering your business. That’s why we offer a variety of modern bookkeeping and payroll services designed to supercharge your books without hurting your bottom line. Forget about ancient, one-size-fits-all bookkeeping strategies that simply don’t work. We have the ideal up-to-date solutions to fit your budget.

What other benefits do you get?

In addition to more time, peace of mind and the ability to plan your financial life, here are some other great benefits...
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost concern for professionals in the financial world. We know how to keep your information safe but an internal employee may not have the same high ethical standards. Or you may not want your staff to have access to all of your financial information.
  • Lower Payroll Costs: Having an outsourced and highly experienced financial team lowers your payroll costs significantly because you won't have to hire for these positions thus avoiding wages, payroll taxes and other fringe benefit costs.
  • Red Carpet Service: At tax time, those that are organized and ready to roll get the red carpet treatment...while small businesses that are disorganized and unprepared get put on extension. 

Our Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Here is a quick glance at all the types of things we can help you with!

Quickbooks Online Support

We can get your subscription at a discounted price, and train you on the program.

Payroll and Sales Tax Filings

Let us help keep you in compliance with the various federal and state agencies. We file your payroll and sales tax reports on a timely basis ... every month and quarter as needed.

Financial Reporting

We can handle all of your basic bookkeeping needs and issue tailored monthly financials to you! We can even invoice your clients and pay your bills! 

Income Tax Help

Our team offers stellar tax planning meetings and tax preparation for your business and personal tax returns.

Strategy Sessions

We are happy to do monthly strategy sessions to help you work through issues ... and discuss new ideas to plan the future of your business .... and to discuss the financials in detail.

Legal Needs

You can book a consult with our legal team to see if your business is fully compliant. We can help you set up your LLC, incorporate your business, or register you for any tax ID numbers you need.

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Case Study:
The Pitfalls of Clinging to Old School Bookkeeping Methods

A recent US survey showed that 31% of small businesses still keep track of their financial books on Excel spreadsheets. However, this reporting method was almost four times more prone to human error and potential tax problems down the road. The number one reason given for sticking to these methods was the cost of hiring an experienced accountant.

The study also found that companies spent up to 55% more in labor keeping their own books. Switching to up-to-date, experienced bookkeeping and payroll services offered an average savings of 24% while saving employees almost ten man hours per week.

A More Efficient and Less Stressful
Accounting Experience


We will work with your Accountant to make sure that their needs are met from a Bookkeeping and Payroll perspective.

This will help expedite their time working on your behalf.

See Why Our Clients Rave About Our Services

"Brita Scott is awesome, knowledgeable, skilled, and saved us LOADS of money. We hired her to clean up our books, move everything to QuickBooks, continue to manage our books and payroll, and improve efficiencies in our finance management. Within a relatively short time, she improved our finance tracking, book management, and payroll processing so much that it only took 5-10 hours a month to manage (down from about 35-40 hours). An 80% decrease in time and expense! Not to mention the stress relief we've enjoyed from having accurate information, reporting, and efficient processes she helped us establish. Managing our books and payroll was my least favorite part of the work week before. Now I get to enjoy handling our finances because I have the information and reporting I need to do it right. I highly recommend her."

Stephanie Peterson
CEO - Premier Wellness

Monthly Pricing - Customizable


  • For businesses with up to $25,000 in monthly  revenue or expenses (whichever is greater).
  • Keep your business organized.
  • Stay ahead of your tax liability.
  • Enjoy your business and have less stress.


  • For businesses with $25,001 - $150,000 in monthly  revenue or expenses (whichever is greater).
  • Take your organization to the next level.
  • Find creative tax strategies.
  • Implement the Profit First Method.


  • For businesses with $150,001 or more in monthly  revenue or expenses (whichever is greater).
  • Outsource your AR and AP.
  • Book weekly strategy sessions.
  • Work hand-in-hand with our tax specialists.
Our services are customized to fit your needs .... so the pricing shown above is simply an estimate, to give you an idea of how inexpensive our bookeeping services can be!

Send us an Email, and we'll answer any questions you have about our Bookkeeping and Payroll Services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Basic Bookkeeping package?

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What qualifications does your team have?

Many of our team members are CPAs, legal professionals and Certified Pro-Advisors. You can rest assured that you are working with the highest quality, experienced professionals. We all also belong to a large network of financial professionals so if there is a question we have not seen before, we have a lot of resources in our back pocket to find an answer for you fast. 

If I have a question, how long does it take to get an email response?

What hours do the bookkeepers and other team members work?

Is Quickbooks Online required to sign up for the Basic Bookkeeping package?

What information do I need to share?
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